Along the East Coast Road can be found in the most popular Laksa shop, here is the legendary “Katong Laksa war” battlefield. Laksa is a Nyonya original dish, authentic Nyonya Lasha pay attention to the smell of coconut milk, shrimp sweet and homemade chili oil spicy flavor, and the staple food part must also use coarse rice flour.
As with most Nirvana, the development of Laksa has also been affected by the various regions. Cream Milk Laksa lemak is a unique method popular in Singapore, based on a rich milky coconut milk soup. In addition, there is a more rich version of the Laksa – Assam Laksa (also known as the Indian black tea Laksa). In recent years, Larsa’s flexibility and diversity have made it possible to incorporate Western flavors into them, such as Laksa, and although it has not formed a formal dish, it is still very delicious.
Laksa eat
In the Katong district of Singapore, the famous coconut milk can be found, where the noodles are cut into pieces, so the diners can eat them directly with spoons.