Hainan Chicken Rice

Hainan chicken rice is a very warm, fresh and juicy white chopped chicken cut into small pieces, with shiny yellow chicken meal, and then poured with soy sauce, sesame oil, sprinkled with onion or coriander (yán sui), plus a small Dish special chili sauce and garlic sauce made of special characteristics of food. As a national food representative in Singapore, Hainan chicken rice appears in hawker stalls, food plaza, upscale restaurants and even airlines.
Hainan chicken rice to eat
Fresh and juicy white chopped chicken, cooked with chicken soup into the fragrant rice (add a few slices of pang leaves add flavor), dipped in thick black soy sauce and special Jiangrong chili sauce to eat. Do not underestimate this dip sauce, special chili sauce transferred well, enough to determine the success or failure of Hainan chicken rice. Tune too hot too choking, can not taste the real flavor of chicken rice; transferred too light, but also make the whole food lack of stamina, eclipsed!
Hainan chicken rice table, in addition to Jiang Rong chili sauce and black soy sauce, but also always attached to a few slices of thin cucumber cut, and a bowl of clear chicken soup.