Clark Quay

The Clarke Quay is a tourist attraction in the corner of the Singapore River and the River Valley, named after Singapore’s second governor, Sir Andrew Carat. There are restaurants, shopping malls, recreational facilities, locals and foreign tourists alike. But here the day shop to open the door very little, in order to fully enjoy, or the best after the evening. Here is the fun of eating and drinking, the most IN nightlife.
The Clarke Quay is divided into five areas of the A-E by the square, along the river’s A, D, and E areas from the famous restaurants in Singapore to the air-conditioned coffee shop, open-air water restaurant. B, C area is shopping, entertainment center. Here in addition to specialty products, crafts and a variety of fashion, there are large video game center. In addition, B, C between the Read Rd. To the night, open air stalls, road games, all out, like a temple fair in general.