Chilli Crab

Surrounded by the sea of ​​Singapore is located in the tropics, the locals for the summer heat to the drug will choose to add emphasis on spicy taste, seafood is also true. In addition to the most famous Singapore national hot pepper crab and black pepper crab, the pepper crab brothers and other eaten there are white pepper crabs, butter crabs, fans steamed crabs, salted egg yolk baked crabs and so on. The great meet on the tongue only to personally try to know.
Pepper crab eat
The biggest characteristic of the Chilli crab is the sauce prepared by the pepper and the tomato sauce, the sweet and spicy taste with the slightly sweet taste, make your appetite open, the index finger big move.
What is the secret sauce of this color and taste? First to garlic and rice vinegar saute the sauce, add thicken, and then slowly into the broken egg in the sauce to form egg flowers, so that the sauce with a soft taste thick.
Is it difficult to resist the temptation of sauce? You can add some bread, it is best to blow up outside the crisp soft gold bread, and spicy thick sauce with the entrance, really is the aftertaste infinite. Cooking pepper crabs usually use fresh crabs, but there are shops to soft shell crab to the pot. If you are a seafood fan, then this dish is sure that you are pregnant, not tastes!